World-Class Presentation Coaching

90-Day Intensive Coaching

If you want to make your presentation a world-class experience and are willing to work to improve your presentation skills, this is the package for you.  This package will allow you to go through unlimited feedback cycles to practice and try out new techniques with your audiences.  Includes both pre- and post-presentation consultations and multiple opportunities for live or video feedback.  

Story Execution Workshop - Small Group Event!

***Most Popular Package!

This TWO-DAY small group retreats puts you in a room for two days for with Pat Quinn.  Limited to just 6-8 attendees, you will get plenty of one-on-one coaching, feedback and help with your presentation PLUS the added benefit of group interaction and feedback.  Don't miss this opportunity for massive improvement in a very short period of time!  The cost of this two-day small group event is $9000.  

One Day Private Coaching

This package is perfect for a speaker looking to improve a specific presentation.  It includes two phone consultations and two video feedback cycles, along with a full day of one-on-one coaching with Pat Quinn in Milwaukee.   If have an upcoming presentation that you need to be AMAZING... this is the package for you.  ​

Amazing Presenters

Prepare to be Amazing!

Pat Quinn was exactly what I had been looking for for years to take my speaking to another level!  He is the best speaking coach I have ever had the privilege of working with on getting better at speaking skills specifically.  He will support you like a best friend while challenging you to you ignite your audience - every time.  Insightful. Dynamic. Life-Changing!

                                                                                                  -LaVonna Roth

                                                                                                  Founder of Ignite your SHINE


Coaching Packages

There are a variety of coaching packages available to meet your immediate and long-term needs.  Contact us directly to customize a coaching program that fits your timetable, your schedule and your goals!